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M&FUNK is and Italian project founded by drummer Maurizio Antonini in 2014. Its musical style is instrumental funky stuff with Latin American rock influence, performed on a rhythmic division of the measures with an odd time signature. In 2015, the band published its first EP, Crazy Time, with six unpublished pieces produced, written and arranged by Maurizio Antonini.

In the studio played: Maurizio Antonini ( drums), Sergio Vitale( trumpet /flugelhorn), Simone Salza (alto sax /tenor sax/soprano sax), Enzo De Rosa (trombone), Alessandro Silvestrelli (keyboards ), Daniele Basirico (bass).

STYLE A new way of interpreting funky stuff music, with a linear development of the melodies played by a brass section upon a rhythmic drum, bass and keyboard base and that move rhythmically on a series of connected measures, each different from the others, of even an odd time signatures that build up to a groove over several measures. This makes for a simple and pleasant listening effect that is very melodic and yet is based on a very complex rhythmic structure from the point of view of performance.


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